April 25, 2022

By Matt Beienburg

Teaching kids “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) is bad enough, but putting it into practice is even worse. That’s why Arizona voters deserve the chance to pass HCR 2001 and ensure that state-run educational institutions are stopped from discriminating against prospective teachers, students, and staff simply because their skin color doesn’t check the right box. 

Sponsored by State Representative Steve Kaiser, the proposed ballot measure would strengthen Arizona’s existing protections against state-sanctioned racial discrimination in hiring and admissions—protections that Arizonans themselves overwhelmingly voted to enact in the state constitution in 2010, approving them by a 19-point margin at the ballot.

Unfortunately, under pressure from the White House and home-grown activists alike, efforts are being made to circumvent these existing protections. The “Recommended Next Steps” from among members of the Scottsdale Unified School District’s “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Planning & Implementation Team” declared, for instance: “What are we hoping to achieve…For the district’s next steps would be looking at changing who they allow to hire on, by this I don’t mean take away from the amazing staff that is already there, but adding to it with diversity.” (Emphasis added.)

Read the rest at the Arizona Capitol Times.

Matt Beienburg is the Director of the Van Sittert Center for Constitutional Advocacy and Director of Education Policy at the Goldwater Institute.

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