January 21, 2022

Is the American Dream only meant for some, but not for others? Are some Americans doomed to failure because of the color of their skin? Are successful black Americans “sellouts” or “passing” as white?

The answer, of course, is an emphatic “No.”

But proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) would tell you “yes.”

America is said to be the only country where a group once held in bondage rose to the top of the country where they were marginalized. But as an exclusive new Goldwater Institute video reveals, CRT ignores the progress our country has made toward liberty and justice for all, and insists black Americans are incapable of achieving the American Dream by hard work. Worse still, children in K-12 public schools across the country are being indoctrinated with this dangerous ideology under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Unfortunately, the teachings of CRT aren’t just confined to the world of academia — they’re being spread as truth in public schools. Across the country, children are pit against each other by being categorized as either the oppressors or the oppressed, and many of them are being told that the American Dream is out of reach by virtue of their skin color.

Parents deserve to know if their children are being taught the toxic lies of CRT or other radical ideologies in taxpayer-funded schools. That’s why Goldwater developed the Academic Transparency Act and is working to enact it in every state in the country. The law would require public schools to post their learning materials online so that, armed with more knowledge, parents could choose for themselves where their children should be educated.

It’s not too late to stop racist politics in the classroom and keep America’s promise alive. Goldwater will never stop fighting the lies of CRT and upholding the principles that empower everyone to pursue the American Dream.

You can watch Goldwater’s new video exposing the lies of CRT above.

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