August 30, 2021
By Matt Beienburg

California voters said it again loud and clear this past election: Racial discrimination should have no place in government or public education. Now, a new transparency effort could help Golden State parents make sure that schools don’t quietly teach their children the opposite.

Just 24 hours after Californians overwhelmingly defeated Proposition 16 in 2020—which would have allowed public institutions to go back to discriminating against applicants on the basis of race and sex—its proponents refused to abandon their crusade, declaring: “We see from election results here and elsewhere, that there is work to enlist more champions in the fight against structural racism and gender discrimination.”

In a sort of bizarre irony, that is, champions against structural racism are apparently needed…so that we can re-establish racial discrimination into our laws.

Unfortunately, nowhere is the pool of potential new “champions” larger than among the rising generation of California students, whose minds have yet to be shaped by a worldview that believes we should treat people differently based on the color of their skin.

Read the full op-ed at the Orange County Register.

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