Rioters topple statues of our Founding Fathers, activists are rewriting school textbooks, mobs are eroding the freedom of speech, and the virtues of hard work and commitment we hold dear are being eviscerated. So-called “woke” crusaders have redefined the vital concept of justice in America. The root of their rage is Critical Race Theory.

On June 29, the Goldwater Institute will host a live video discussion about the growing use of Critical Race Theory in everyday life from K-12 public schools and university classrooms to employee training seminars and corporate boardrooms. Speakers Kevin Jackson and Jonathan Butcher will join Mike Brownfield from the Goldwater Institute to explore this cultural tipping point and its corrosive impact on public discourse. They will discuss how all of us can learn from serious failures of the past while keeping alive the promise of the American Dream. Register online here.

Critical Race Theory is a perspective on modern life—a worldview—that seeks to explain the events and ideas in politics, education, entertainment and the media, the workplace, and beyond in terms of racial identities. Even George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the U.S. Constitution itself are subject to being canceled out of American culture—their names are being removed from public schools, for example—for failing to satisfy the Left’s racist perspective.

Activists use Critical Race Theory to reject the fundamental principles on which our freedom is based, pervert the idea of justice, and deny everyone’s rightful claim to an opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

For more information, please send an email to or call (602) 633-8974. You can register online here.

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