This week, the Goldwater Institute scored not one, but two major wins for freedom in our home state of Arizona.

A Goldwater reform signed this week by Governor Doug Ducey makes Arizona the true standard-bearer for modern, innovative, forward-looking healthcare in America. House Bill 2454 is a first-of-its-kind telehealth reform that allows people to seek some types of medical treatment from their healthcare providers directly on their smartphones, computers, and landline phones—a reform that will be particularly helpful in boosting healthcare access for low-income and rural populations.

In their recent Washington Examiner op-ed on the bill, Arizona Rep. Regina Cobb and Goldwater Director of Healthcare Policy Director Naomi Lopez write that with HB 2454, “Arizona is setting a national example for how to leverage 21st-century medicine and technology for many more people and bring us much closer to realizing the still-unmet promise of easier healthcare access.” The Goldwater Institute will continue to work with states to expand telehealth and put patients first.

Putting patients at the center of their own care is at the core of Goldwater’s work to reform healthcare in America. You can read more about Goldwater’s plans to unleash innovation in American healthcare by reading our recently released blueprint here.

Goldwater Law Protects Innocent Arizonans from Government Bullies

And in a big victory for due process and property rights, Gov. Ducey signed HB 2810 into law this week. Under HB 2810, sponsored by Representative Travis Grantham, the government must now obtain a criminal conviction before taking private property under civil asset forfeiture. Before the bill became law, the government could, and often did, take private property from innocent Arizonans—people who hadn’t even been accused of a crime, let alone convicted of one. Goldwater President and CEO Victor Riches writes at In Defense of Liberty that “HB 2810, which the Goldwater Institute has been working on for several years, is a huge win for common sense and justice and will go a long way to reforming a system long acknowledged as broken.”

Goldwater is leading the way in fighting this form of government theft nationally—not just through legislation, but through litigation, too.  Learn more about what Goldwater is doing to stop civil asset forfeiture across the country here.

Can We Stop the Rise of Socialism?

This week, Iain Murray, who directs the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Economic Freedom, joined Goldwater Institute Vice President for Litigation Timothy Sandefur for a special Goldwater webinar on why socialism is gaining popularity—and what can be done to stop it. Murray, the author of the book The Socialist Temptation, explained that socialism is viewed positively among some in this country because it speaks to the American values of fairness, freedom, and community. However, this rhetoric, as appealing as it might be, doesn’t match the way socialist policies and the way they work in practice.

Murray said that in order to more effectively fight the socialist tide, we must point out the contradictions of socialism, while also making the positive case for the free market system in a way that talks about community and fairness. 

You can watch the full webinar above. And to watch other Goldwater events, click here.

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