September 7, 2020

These days, politics seems to be ever-present. It’s not just in the headlines and on cable news—it’s in many of the conversations we have with friends and family. And unfortunately, it’s ended friendships and turned loved ones against each other.

But what if we could just press the pause button on politics, if just for a day? Even though discussions about the directions of our communities, states, and country are important and needed, it’s also important to take some time to remember the things that bind us all together: that we are Americans, hardworking, with our eyes on the future.

This week, our Goldwater Institute team has been taking part in Pause Politics’ effort to celebrate Americans, leading up to today’s National Day without Politics. We’ve been sharing some stories of some of our amazing clients—people who are trying to make a living, or working to help people like them live happier lives. You can follow along with us on our Twitter account here.

If you’d like to take part in the celebration, too, share your photo of how you’re celebrating our country and its people today on social media with #pausepolitics and #celebrateamericans.

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