August 24, 2020

An expanding welfare state. Rapidly increasing government spending. The silencing of speech. Could America be on the same track to a socialist future that has left Venezuela’s economy decimated, its people starving, and individual freedoms on the brink of eradication?

Jorge Galicia is a unique position to answer that question. Just 24 years old, Jorge, a native of Venezuela, experienced that nightmarish transformation firsthand in his home country. He escaped Venezuela and moved to the United States—and today, he’s a vocal advocate and activist for freedom, warning that the U.S. may be following down Venezuela’s tragic path.

Last Thursday, Jorge joined Goldwater Institute Vice President for Litigation Timothy Sandefur to give his own firsthand account of the ravages of socialism—and the lessons the United States can learn from Venezuela’s socialist catastrophe. You can watch the full Goldwater teleforum above.

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