July 22, 2020
By Victor Riches

America is facing a crisis unlike any other—one that tests our healthcare, education, and economic infrastructure like never before. But as extraordinary as these challenges may be, there is no reason Americans cannot surmount them, if they remain true to the principles of liberty that have seen us through so many crises in the past.

Revitalizing our nation following the COVID-19 pandemic requires bold and innovative policy solutions that ensure Americans have the freedom they need to recover. That’s why the Goldwater Institute has assembled a legislative toolkit—our roadmap for recovery—which sets out practical policy recommendations in the following three areas to shape and hasten the nation’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis:

  • Economy
  • Education
  • Healthcare

While the coronavirus outbreak poses many trials for Americans, we have the tools necessary to overcome them. For years, the Goldwater Institute has developed and enacted policies to expand individual liberty and ensure that people can live freer, happier lives. Our Right to Try Act—today the law of the land—helps bring the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Our Breaking Down Barriers to Work Act enables licensed workers to get to work more quickly when they move across state lines. In our legislative toolkit, you can read more about many other innovative policy solutions that can empower Americans to revive our economy, create new jobs, protect our health, educate our children, and revitalize our nation in the wake of this crisis.

You can read the Goldwater Institute’s legislative toolkit “Revitalizing America: A Legislative Guide to Recovering from Coronavirus,” here. If you have any questions about how to transform these recommendations into realities in your state, please contact Heather Curry, Goldwater’s Director of Strategic Engagement, at hcurry@goldwaterinstitute.org.

Victor Riches is the President and CEO of the Goldwater Institute.

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