July 17, 2020

Watch the full Goldwater Institute teleforum featuring Goldwater’s Jon Riches and Timothy Sandefur.

This month, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded an unusual term with some blockbuster decisions on a wide range of subjects—decisions that not only set important precedent on topics such as school choice, the status of Indian reservations, and the immigration status of children whose parents entered the country illegally, but that also indicate some profound differences in the ways the Justices interpret laws generally.

Yesterday, the Goldwater Institute hosted an online forum looking at some of these decisions and what they tell us about the future of American law. How does Justice Neil Gorsuch compare to some of his conservative colleagues? What are the limits on regulatory agencies that try to change the law? What does the future hold for a parent’s right to decide what schools to send their children to? Join Goldwater attorneys Timothy Sandefur and Jon Riches as they discuss some of the fascinating ins-and-outs of constitutional law.

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