Thirty years ago, the world watched as the light of freedom pierced the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall crumbled. But three decades after that momentous event, the tide of socialism is rising again—on our very own shores. The Goldwater Institute is standing firm in defense of liberty to ensure our free society remains strong, and we are achieving great success all across the country.

In the Goldwater Institute’s 2019 Liberty in Action magazine, we revisit the fall of the Berlin Wall and what it meant for freedom around the world. We look at the threats to our liberty today, and we share reports about how the Goldwater Institute is working to defend and expand freedom across the United States.

Just as Senator Barry Goldwater dedicated his career to standing strong in defense of freedom, we at the Goldwater Institute know that liberty isn’t a talking point. It’s action—and we’re living it out in everything we do and fight for. Together, we’re achieving incredible results, and we could not do it without your support.

Mobile viewers, click here to download the PDF of our 2019 Liberty in Action magazine.

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