July 15, 2019
By Christina Sandefur and Jennifer Tiedemann

With July now upon us, many Americans are embarking on summer vacations. But one California town is seeking to limit home-sharing services like Airbnb and HomeAway, making it more difficult for travelers to have the summer vacation of their dreams.

Thanks to its picturesque location on California’s central coast, Pacific Grove is a destination for visitors wanting a beach vacation, many of whom choose to stay in short-term vacation rentals. But last year, Pacific Grove imposed a 15 percent density rule, limiting the number of homes that can be used for home-sharing. The city decided to hold a lottery — a totally random drawing — to determine which homeowners would lose the right to rent their property to overnight guests.

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Christina Sandefur is the executive vice president and Jennifer Tiedemann is the deputy director of communications at the Goldwater Institute. Sandefur represents Sue and Bill Hobbs in the Pacific Grove lawsuit, which they are in the process of appealing.

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