In a new video, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey applauds the Goldwater Institute for its leadership in fighting for freedom in his state—and in leading the way for the nation.

“The Goldwater Institute is focused on individual liberty and limited government, and that’s two of the principles that have made Arizona a better state, a more productive state, where people from all across the country are flocking to,” Governor Ducey said.

“There’s no one in this country that is more on the cutting edge of what good government should look like and holding elected leaders accountable for their actions.”

Governor Ducey recently signed first-in-the-nation legislation that recognizes occupational licenses from other states. In every other state, a worker who holds a license in one state and then moves to another is forced to go through more study and training in order to do the same job in their new home. Backed by the Goldwater Institute, it’s a commonsense yet groundbreaking change to a law that has for too long held workers back.

In a recent article, Goldwater Institute President and CEO Victor Riches explained how the Institute has long been a champion for the right to earn a living in Arizona and how that work has provided a roadmap to reform for the United States. That includes the recent law recognizing occupational licenses from other states, and another measure that eliminated senseless and costly regulation of blow-dry stylists. 

“Today, Arizona is leading the nation in making needed reforms that expand opportunity for workers across the economic spectrum. More and more states will now follow this roadmap to opportunity by passing Right to Earn a Living and other model legislation—and our country’s entire workforce will be much better off because of it.”

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