April 18, 2019
by Jon Riches

The left’s war to impose high government-mandated minimum wages—across the country and at all levels of government—is in full force. Already we are seeing that some of the most vulnerable and inexperienced workers—particularly young workers—are falling victim to these destructive policies.

The unemployment rate for young workers in the United States has generally averaged about twice the unemployment rate for older workers. Meanwhile, the youth unemployment rate in states that permit a lower minimum wage for students and young workers, such as Colorado and Utah, is nearly half that of neighboring states, such as Arizona, that do not.

As employers are forced to pay higher wages to all workers because of arbitrary and rising minimum wage mandates, young workers continue to get priced out of the market and with it so do their opportunities for work experience and career growth.

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Jon Riches is the Director of National Litigation at the Goldwater Institute.

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