November 1, 2018

For Jenny Clark, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) have been a godsend. Two of Clark’s sons both have dyslexia, and their school district did not offer any programs to help students like them. But thanks to ESAs, they now have access to the tutoring, therapy, and curriculum they need to have a rewarding educational experience that satisfies their unique needs.

But shouldn’t all students have the ability to be educated in a way that gives them the best chance to succeed?

That’s the idea behind Proposition 305, which Arizonans will vote on this coming Tuesday. Right now, ESAs—accounts that allow families to pay for tuition and educational tools—are available to special needs students, children in D or F-rated schools, military and foster care families, and siblings of existing participants. But should Proposition 305 pass, the opportunity to take part in Arizona’s ESA program would be expanded to all students in the state. Clark joined The Mike Broomhead Show earlier this week to talk about Proposition 305 and why Arizona voters should vote yes on this initiative.

As Clark explains, ESAs give parents more control of the dollars going to their children’s education and more say in how that money’s spent. And at the same time, Proposition 305 would save Arizonans money: Arizona’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee estimates that Proposition 305 would save taxpayers approximately $11.4 million over the next four years, Clark points out.

Nobody cares more about the education of a child than their parent, Clark says, and ESAs give parents a greater ability to fix and change what’s not working for their child’s education. That’s an ability that all parents should have: “We want more families to have educational choice and opportunity for their kids.”

You can watch Clark’s full interview with Mike Broomhead above or click here.

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