October 27, 2018

First it was Michigan. Then it was Nevada. And now Arizona is the latest state to face the threat of costly energy mandates pushed by California billionaire Tom Steyer—a progressive cronyist bent on forcing his political preferences on America.

This election year, Arizona voters will decide on Proposition 127, a Steyer-backed ballot measure that would require half of Arizona electric power production by 2030 to come mostly from wind and solar power. But as economist Stephen Moore explains, the mandate is “one of the most regressive taxes in modern times.” And Moore notes that “These price hikes might make some sense if the scheme would actually clean the air—but it won’t.”

Read Moore’s latest op-ed here.

VIDEO: Expanding Liberty through Legislative Action

For many people, their first encounter with politics comes in a high school civics course. But for the Goldwater Institute’s Director of Government Affairs Jenna Bentley, her interest in politics started at a much younger age.

“Some of my earliest memories are from attending fundraising events for our local Massachusetts State Senate and House representatives,” she says. “I remember helping my mom put up political signs for [George] H.W. Bush when he ran for president and also Mitt Romney when he ran for governor. Politics was just something that was always present in our household.”

Watch this video to learn more about Jenna and how she helps shape public policy at the Goldwater Institute.

Nation’s Capital Is the Latest City to Threaten Home-Sharing

DC home-sharing

Add Washington, D.C., to the list of American cities seeking to restrict our individual liberties. In July, the Washington, D.C. City Council voted to advance restrictions on home-sharing in the District.

Read the details of this latest affront to freedom on our In Defense of Liberty blog.

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