October 13, 2018

Just say “NO!” to Sweetheart Deals


Should a city be able to sell city-owned land for pennies on the dollar to its own favored interests? Phoenix officials seem to think so—and now the Goldwater Institute’s network of attorneys is taking action to protect taxpayers. Read the latest news about this story on our In Defense of Liberty blog.

VIDEO: Meet Goldwater Attorney Adi Dynar

“Growing up in India, it was easy to see first-hand the moral bankruptcy and impracticality of socialism and communism,” says Goldwater Institute staff attorney Adi Dynar. In a new video, he explains more about his commitment to defending individual rights at the Goldwater Institute.

How to Help Fix American Mental-Health Care


After every school shooting, every new report on suicides or drug overdoses, every tragedy in which someone with a troubled mind commits a horrible act, we hear the same refrain: “If you need help, get help.”

But what happens when help is not available? Goldwater Institute National Investigative Journalist Mark Flatten looks at the issue in a new op-ed at National Review Online.

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