October 10, 2018

“Human rights” needs to be more than a buzzword: Understanding the importance of human rights requires continuous education to understand the state of human freedom around the world. One organization is taking this education directly to students, in a special Phoenix-area event.

Since 2013, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has hosted the College Freedom Forum (CFF), a series of one-day events that bringing together dissidents and human rights advocates to share their stories and show students the importance of advancing individual liberty around the world. This coming Monday (October 15), Arizona State University will host the next College Freedom Forum, starting at 5:30pm at the ASU Memorial Union.

Despite the fact that nearly 4 billion people on this planet live under a dictatorial or authoritarian society, the average American college campus does not host guest appearances from dissidents with real experience fighting actual dictatorships. Through hosting College Freedom Forums, HRF hopes to change that, one college at a time, with its network of over 279 dissidents and democracy advocates from countries like North Korea, China, and Russia. Past Freedom Forum speakers include former world chess champion and human rights activist Garry Kasparov, who was honored by the Goldwater Institute with its Freedom Award last October.

For more information or to register for the ASU event, please reach out to Mallory Galbreath at mallory@hrf.org.

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