September 29, 2018

The CON job you need to know about


Jared was violent and dangerous.

But he was not a criminal.

He was sick.

Not the kind of sick that can be treated in a hospital emergency room. His was a mental illness. And because of that, there was no place to take him for the crisis care he needed.

Jared (not his real name) was big and strong; in his early 20s, autistic, and intellectually challenged with an IQ of 54. He lived with his mother, who struggled to deal with a full-grown man who had the mind of a troubled child.

Then one day, for no apparent reason, Jared assaulted her.

Police were called. Jared was arrested.

That’s when his nightmare began.

Find out what happens in this tragic story in a new report by Goldwater Institute national investigative journalist Mark Flatten on government policies that are hurting people while helping special interests. It’s the CON job you need to know about.

VIDEO: Do Arizona School Districts Need More Money?

Jonathan Butcher on Newsmaker Saturday

Would you say that making 21,000 more meals than you need is good financial sense? That happened in one Arizona school district.

Watch this interview with Goldwater senior fellow Jonathan Butcher to learn more about it.

When the Government Gets All Up in Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur. You’ve got a great new idea. Then Uncle Sam gets in your way. What’s an innovator to do? Read more about it here.

This Banned Books Week, Celebrate—And Protect—Free Speech

books shelf reading

From Frederick Douglass’s tale of secretly learning to read, to the oppressed peoples of today’s Iran, North Korea, or China, where government rigidly censors the media, the freedom to read and to speak freely has long been a distant dream. Read more about it here.

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