February 23, 2018

Conservative activists gathered near Washington, D.C., this week for the Conservative Political Acton Conference (CPAC), and Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Butcher was on hand to discuss the nationwide effort to restore free speech on public university campuses.

Butcher met with activists and journalists from across the country, and spoke about the Goldwater Institute’s model legislation, which creates an official university policy that strongly affirms the importance of free expression, including provisions that create a system of interlocking incentives designed to encourage students and administrators to respect and protect the free expression of others.

Jonathan Butcher journalists at CPACThe Goldwater Institute introduced the model legislation in 2017 to ensure free expression within America’s public university systems.

Violent protests have shut down speakers on campuses across the country, and administrators are not standing up to protect speakers’ and students’ First Amendment rights. As both a deeply held commitment and a living tradition, freedom of speech is dying on our college campuses and is increasingly imperiled in society at large.

Learn more at RestoreFreeSpeech.com.

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